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The IRT-34 and your facility

With the Safety, Mobility and Versatility the IRT-34 provides Cardio, Ortho and TBI patients and their therapists more options for early mobility which can result in a reduction in Length Of Stay.

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The IRT-34 Meeting your challenges

Therapists working with patients in ICU face a complex challenge. These patients have limited mobility due to life support, monitoring equipment, multiple medical problems and muscle weakness. For selected patients in ICU, early mobility and walking enhances functional outcomes by optimizing cardiopulmonary and neuromuscular status. Early mobility can lead to an increase in the patient's quality of life and higher functional capability. It can also potentially reduce length of hospital stay with overall reduced costs.

The IRT-34 was developed to provide therapists the ability to introduce early mobility for patients in the ICU with unsurpassed safety for both therapist and patient.


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